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This shader IDE comes with a built-in debugger for shaders. The debugger allows you to step through your code, set (conditional) breakpoints, execute immediate expressions, add watches, etc...


With SHADERed you can easily see variable's value throughout the whole frame, place global breakpoints, see an instruction heatmap, see shader's execution time on the GPU and so much more.

Fully utilize 3D pipeline

SHADERed supports compute shaders, geometry shaders, render textures, 2D textures, cubemaps, 2D & 3D images, buffers, render states, 3D models, instancing, custom variables, etc...

Quickly prototype shaders

With easy-to-use UI and features such as live preview, SHADERed lets you write shaders in no time.

Extensible & customizable

SHADERed provides extensibility like no other shader IDE thanks to the powerful plugin API. Expand it with: Godot shaders, Slang shader language, GIF capturing, node based editor, etc...

Open-source, cross-platform & free

SHADERed runs on Windows, Linux & Web (and it can be compiled for macOS). This program is completely free and its source code is available on GitHub.

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