Feature complete shader editor

SHADERed is an IDE that makes developing advanced shaders easier. With this tool, you are not limited to vertex and pixel shaders - your projects can also use compute and geometry shaders.
SHADERed also comes with a built-in shader debugger (check out the SPIRV-VM project). The debugger currently only supports pixel and vertex shaders but the support for geometry and compute shaders is coming soon.
Besides those two prominent features, SHADERed also supports: render textures, render states (blend, stencil, etc...), buffers, 3D & 2D textures, cubemaps, instancing, 3D models & geometry, live preview, plugin API, etc...


Cross-platform, free & open source

SHADERed currently works on Windows and Linux. Every feature is available on both OSes (which means that you can run and debug your HLSL shaders on Linux too). It should also even be compilable on macOS.
This tool is completely free and open-source under the permissive MIT license. Contributions are welcome - help us fix bugs and implement new and cool features. Reporting bugs is also very helpful.
To get the source code, visit the GitHub repository linked below.



Compute shader

Compute shaders

Create advanced and powerful effects using the compute shaders

Geometry shader

Geometry shaders

Create cool animations and visualizations by utilizing most of the GPU rendering pipeline

Debug shaders

Debug shaders

Execute your shader line by line and see where the bug occurs!




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